Welcome! As most of my readers are aware I have an official website that highlights my work in gallery, proofing and slideshow formats. However, photo-shoots are so much more than me holding a camera and shooting!

I wanted to be able to share with you not only the work that goes into a photo-shoot but also the fun that is had! Clients always tell me that I 'captured the moment perfectly' which is a lovely compliment, and in this behind-the-scenes-blog, I will be telling you more ABOUT the clients, how the shoot came about, and possibly showing shots that 'didn't make the cut' for one reason or another. Check out the 'Previously' link for those shoots.

I will also be discussing things that are of interest to me, new galleries, other photographers, places of interest etc., that you will find in the 'News' link. So bookmark my page and enjoy the ride!


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