Ben & Brittany - Engagement

My session with Ben and Brittany happened late last year in Bainbridge, OH. Ben is the son of a great friend of mine and this photo-shoot coincided with the family shoot I was doing. By the time I came around to the couple, we were all relaxed and comfortable with each other and the shoot itself was a lot of fun!

Ben is a quiet guy, with an endearing smile that when he DOES smile, you feel like you've known him forever. Brittany is gorgeous and very easy-going. This was an EASY shoot!

This is my favorite shot of the couple, shot outside the house - which has just been sold. The house was a photographer's dream let me tell you! The wall colors just blended perfectly!


The driveway to the house was long and the property was surrounded by a fully wooded lot which made the backgrounds just ADD to the photographs!


While I was shooting, we got to talking about the dancing the couple would do at the ceremony and here you can see how much Ben REALLY wants to do the bridal dance ~ and how much practice he really needs :-)

The Dance - Blog

Ben and Brittany are getting married in Columbus, OH in August 2009 and have also chosen me as their wedding photographer. Knowing the family, AND the couple as I do, I am positive this wedding will be a great one and I can't wait to capture it all!


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