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Although it is impossible to imagine *tongue firmly in cheek* as far as html coding and web design, I am at a complete loss but luckily for me I didn't have to search too far for help in making this blog look like it does!!

The FABULOUS Rita over at Coffeeshop Photography helped me out in a HUGE way!

Coffee Shop

Numerous e-mails were sent back and forth with me describing what I wanted in ways such as "I want that thingy to go there, then when people hit this, they get that thingy there....." and she understood! How awesome is that? She is also in the process of creating her blog design company 'Texas Chicks, Blogs and Pics' which as soon as it is complete I will be highly praising!

You couldn't ask for a nicer, easy to work with person than Rita! *salutes Rita*

She also has a website where she has FREE templates, actions and loads of other great stuff for Photoshop Elements and PS users many of which I have used in my photos!


You should check her out here! and on top of all that, she runs a group on Flickr! that has close to 3000 members! so you should check that out too!

So overall, new website, new blog, new designer, new business! Check us all out!


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