The Quintin Family

This family recently became larger with the addition of little Westley Russell. I have been friends with them for some time now and it was our interest in Photography that brought us all together. That friendship has grown much to my pleasure.

What with schedules changing all the time and my traveling, it took some time to actually pin point and firmly plan a date for the photo session, however eventually we got there and on April 4th, we finally all got together.

Westley is without a doubt one of the cutest babies I have ever had the pleasure to take photographs of. His smile is simply adorable and the process of working on the prints was a delight - I was smiling throughout! It was fun!

As you can clearly see, his parents are BIG fans of OU with Westley being inducted into the family fan-club!


While his outfits were being changed, I had the chance to shoot the obligatory birthday skin photographs and Westley took the chance to make his mark ~ so to speak ~ on my backdrop much to has parents chagrin. I of course just laughed this off. Westley just smiled wider :-)


At one point he was trying to make an escape - luckily my studio isn't that big that babies can just crawl off and not be noticed!


This family is one of the friendliest I have worked with and the time just flew by!


Plans are being made to re-shoot once the weather warms up - however, this IS Ohio so Westley will possibly be graduating high school when that photo-shoot comes around!


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