Mindy & Bo 06.13.09

Saturday was the much anticipated wedding of Mindy and James - 'Bo' to friends and family.

It seemed like this wedding had been planned for EVER and was never going to get here but the day finally arrived. The day started early for the bride and her bridesmaids as they were all getting hair/make-up done at Deanne's Salon/Spa in Mentor at 8:00 am sharp. Although - as is often the case with brides - things never happen on time. In fact, during the whole day, nothing went on time!

My good friend Paul was assisting me with the photography for the day and while I was shooting the girls, he was getting ready to meet with the groom and groomsmen over in Painesville, OH. Out of all the shots Paul was going to take, I asked for one type of shot in particular and he NAILED it! Yay Paul!

Paul Lender - Left of Center Photography

While the bride and the girls were eating healthy wholesome muffins and drinking champagne at her moms house, the guys decided to make a quick pit stop for fast food!!

Paul Lender - Left of Center Photography

The limo came for the Mindy at 11:30 and although she was scheduled to be at the church around noon, they didn't in fact leave UNTIL noon............. :-)

Once we arrived at the church, the girls were in a room at the back hiding while guests were all led in. The bridesmaids had a bit of fun!

Finally, the moment came when Mindy was due to walk down the aisle.

The ceremony on a whole was a lovely one. There were some fun moments during it, especially Bo forgetting which hand was his right one!

Once the vows had been exchanged, and the bride and groom, husband and wife, had left the church, it was time for everyone to congregate at the entrance where there was a "Release of Doves' ceremony. I won't tell you about how one of the doves had an 'accident' on a bridesmaid dress. Oh wait............ ;-)

After formal photographs had been taken of family members it was time to head over to the 'location' shoot with the bridal party.

We chose Colby Park in Willowick which is a stunning place for photographs! We had fun with all the guys and girls and got some pretty great shots I think!

It took 7, yes SEVEN jumps to get this final shot! outtakes are on the disc to be given to the bride!

After a short break we all headed to Capelli's, in Mentor OH for the reception.

Much fun was had from the speeches to the bridal bouquet toss to the father daughter dance to the garter toss all captured by both myself and Paul.

Congratulations Mindy & Bo!


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