Josh & Nicky - 06.20.09

This particular Saturday, I had the chance to shoot the wedding of Nicky and Josh in Parma, OH. This wedding was unlike ANY wedding I have shot or attended as both the bride and groom were deaf as were 90% of the congregation!

The groom and groomsmen are HEAVILY into Harley Davidson Motorcycles and thus, the theme of the wedding was set!

They were married in a beautiful church - The Good Shepherd United Methodist Church which is a photographers dream let me tell you! Lots of light AND a balcony to take shots of the whole ceremony from above!

The interpreter did an AMAZING job as it was his first wedding! This was a whole new experience for me too and seeing the bride and groom sign "I do..." was fantastic!

Instead of applause, the congregation were asked to raise their hands in the air and wave!

Once the ceremony was over, it was time to take family photographs! The grandparents were super involved in the raising of the bride and groom so it was important to them that they were photographed together - the grandparents were adorable!

Then it was on to the reception which was held in the basement of the Church. Here, the Best Man and Maid of Honor give their 'speeches'.

After the reception, the bridal party hopped on their motorcycles and headed to a local park for photos with their bikes! They truly were a biking family!

Overall - a great, interesting beautiful wedding!

Congratulations Nicky and Josh!


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