Ashlyn & Makenna

A couple of weeks ago, Carey called me to set up a photo session with her two daughters, 4 year old Ashlyn (who spelled her name out for me!!! :-) and 2 months old Makenna.

Ashlyn was the first in front of my camera and almost did everything BUT look at the camera! :-) My studio is full of things that she had questions for and wanted answers for, and to every answer? "Why.....?" She did make me laugh!

I got some pretty awesome shots of her I think! While Ashlyn was in front of the camera, Makenna was being fed and changed and then it was "Lights, Camera, Action......"

Makenna slept, cried, and did all the usual things a 9 week old WOULD do! :-) I wouldn't have expected anything less.....

This perfect shot of them both was all I wanted it to be and more........ :-)

A great shoot............


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