2010 - What a fantastic year that was!

I can't tell you how many times I have started this blog post, then deleted everything I wrote, started again and deleted, then sat and pondered how it would EVER get written, then tried to start it again. I thought about posting an image or two from every shoot I've done with a small blurb about that particular shoot but to be honest, I've been very busy shooting and it would take too long and you people have more to do than sit at your computer for three solid days! :-) Then I thought about splitting posts by writing about weddings, seniors etc., but then those posts don't apply to everyone. I've covered weddings, trash the dress, engagements, reunions, families, seniors, parties etc., Can you SEE how hard this is for me? :-)

So this is what it came down to. This is the decision I made.

I have already blogged about all the shoots I did and you have seen the majority of the main photographs from each one. So, I decided to present a 'slideshow' of images you may have seen before and some you may NOT have seen. I went through every shoot, picked some of MY favorite photos from each one and put them all together. There are images from every genre - some you may be scratching your head at as to why that photo is in there but trust me, there is a story behind every photo! It was harder to do than I thought but I'm happy with what I have. Looking through all the photographs and reliving the memories of that moment made me smile a LOT and realize that I do have a pretty fantastic job!

2010 was an AMAZING year for Photographs by Andrea. I've had some of the best clients you could ask for, I've made some great friends and have worked with some really great 2nd photographers, vendors etc., I especially want to thank Paul Lender, Andrea Lawrence, Erin Stevenson and Ali Manning* - you made my job easier and fun to do! Thank you SO much!

Looking forward to 2011, with 10 weddings already booked and hoping to book more, a bridal show in January and lots of other new things coming I hope that both you and I have a successful, fun and amazing year!

Thank you again to all my clients and friends for making 2010 everything I hoped it would be!

Keep an eye out for the new look at the start of the year - with a great competition to kick the year off! :-)

Ali created a blog documenting her wedding process showing how choices were made etc., GREAT for any new brides!!!! Right now, Tom and Ali are just moving into their new home! Congratulations guys!


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