Leeanne & John - Wedding Sneak Peek

My last wedding of the year was almost on the last DAY of the year! What a perfect way to round out the year!

Leeanne and John were married in a small intimate wedding ceremony attended by close family and friends. The location of St John Vianney in Mentor, OH was perfect, it really is a beautiful church!


The bride wore a GORGEOUS dress and the jewelry she wore had a vintage look that matched the dress perfectly.


While we talk about the jewelry, lets take a look at the wedding bands they were to exchange. One word - STUNNING!


The ceremony was beautiful, fun and very personal.


During the rehearsal the bride and groom gave a swift kiss when it came to the "You may kiss the bride....". We all wondered if it would be the same during the ceremony..... they proved otherwise. I managed to shoot SEVERAL images of 'The Kiss' YAY!


Once the ceremony was over it was time to take the formal shots and let the bride and groom head off to the reception that was being held at John Palmers.



Congratulations Leeanne and John, may you both have a happy future with each other!


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